List of corrections of misprints and other errors in the 4:th edition.

Page 504, 8th line from bottom of page:
Reads: ...paths, see Figure 16.8(a). The split
Change to: ... paths, see Figure 16.9(a). The split

Page 558, 8th line from bottom of page
Reads: form an amount R of radioactivre nuclide .
Change to: form a measured activity, R, of the radioactivre nuclide .

Solutions to Exercises: The following answers should replace those printed in the book.

Chapter 12: (2) 5.36*1011 kg s-1, (3) 9.49*1014 m-2 s-1, (4) fusion, (5) 1.11*1029 kg or 0.06 solar masses.

Chapter 13: Fig 13.1. The neutrino flux should be 1015 m-2s-1 at earths surface

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